Cypress Pine (Callitris presii)

A grove of young Callitris
Flowers and leaves
Callitris cones

FamiIy: Cupressaceae

Habitat: Woodlands, Mallee

Flowering Time: August to January

Ngarrindjeri/ Kaurna name: Narnu/Murra

Description and uses:

Cypress Pines grow up to 10 metres tall and their wood, which is aromatic and termite resistant is traditionally, it is used for making woomeras.

A sticky resin from stem and cones as adhesive on small implements and decorations. It’s a nice tasting gum, being quite aromatic and is given to young children on a stick when they are teething.

Young Cypress cones
Young Cypress cones make an interesting tea

The young cones don’t taste very nice by themselves but a couple of them can be broken up and added to hot water to make an interesting tasting tea.

A mature Cypress Pine