Getting a handle on composting is one of the most important parts of moving toward and beyond sustainability. Composting teaches us about both the nature of the foods we eat, and our gardening habits.

Whichever style of composting you adopt, you will quickly learn about how much food you waste and what gets wasted the most. Careful consideration of these details could lead you to a reduction of your weekly food bill as you learn what is being wasted.

There are three forms of composting that the small scale grower can get involved in to convert their excess kitchen and garden matter into recycled gold.

Each of the links below takes you to a page on one of these three –

Aerobic (regular composting)

Anaerobic (Bokashi)

Vermicomposting (Worms)

There are ways to add home grown and made ingredients to your compost to give it a kick in the pants…

Herbs to help the compost

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