Bubble wrap insulation in Summer


The digital weather station with today’s temperatures.

The pic above shows the weather station in the lounge. You can see the inside and outside temperatures. The digital ‘gun’ type hand held spot thermometer that I used to take the other measurements agrees with this, within a few 1/10ths of a degree.


The bubble wrap pulled back so that I could get a comparison.

To prepare the window, I pulled the bubble wrap off of one half of a window and left the other half attached. Then I left it for half an hour before measuring.The window wasn’t in direct sunshine, it was under light shade and indirect light. The temperature measured, then, was the ambient or radiant temperature both insulated and un-insulated.You can see from the pic of the weather station that the inside temp was 27°C while the outside temp was 38°C.


The temperature on un-insulated glass.

How to apply bubble wrap to your windows

to apply bubble wrap, just follow these few easy steps –

  • Clean the window glass, wipe it over with a damp cloth, making sure that the glass surface stays pretty moist.
  • Press the bubble wrap lightly against the glass and viola! It stays there. This bond is pretty strong and the wrap will stay there until you pull it off.
  • If, for some reason, it does peel off, just add more water and reapply.

I like to use a single layer of clear bubble wrap so that it still allows plenty of light in. It’s up to you though, there’s even coloured wrap for you to make insulating, stained glass window coverings from.

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