Introducing Marlon


Cook and carer, artist and designer.

He’s our chief cook and bottle washer and so much more.

At Ligaya Garden, Marlon is my full time carer. He takes care of my wandering mind and long term health issues. Mostly he does that through awesome cooking that has all the neighbours drooling. Marlon is an artist in his own right, loving manga and anime style art.

Marlon will have a go at anything.
He’ll try his hand at anything.

Lon helps me wherever needed around the garden (i.e my labourer) and is a level headed, calming presence when things go wrong.

Marlon was my inspiration for Ligaya Garden. He has given Jelina and myself so much joy over the years (except maybe that teenage period😉). He is the smiling face that you see in our logos and profile pics. That was in the early 2000s and beautifully expresses the sheer joy he found in gardening for food.

Marlon was the inspiration for Ligaya Garden.
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