Lots of work on pests and biodiversity

Over the last couple of seasons, I’ve put a lot of time into getting a deeper understanding of the diversity of life in Ligaya Garden and how I can teach about it to other folks so that they can apply it to their gardens. I’ve simplified a lot of theoretical scientific stuff and made it more accessible.

However beautiful they are, biodiversity is about more than butterflies.

I’ve known many of the aspects of biodiversity for years, but once I started observing and understanding the predatory insects, I got tangled up in the complex web of checks and balances that keep garden a garden healthy without chemicals. It’s gave me a chance to apply the learning I did at uni too.

Of course, it’s all making its way to this website. There’s pages under construction about different insect pests and predators, biodiversity and resilience. Of late I’ve presented biodiversity and pest control without poisons workshops locally. I love it when things flow like this!

So keep an eye on those tabs on the menu bar, there’ll be a few more shoehorned into that small space soon. I’m making up a few downloadable pdfs with a lot of detail as well. These are a fund raising thing that will be on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. They’ll contain info that is throughout this website but in a convenient, downloadable, printable and shareable manner.

If you or your group/organisation want a presenter to talk about practically any issue around resilient and sustainable, eco-sensitive gardening, shoot me an email at ligayagarden@gmail.com or a phone call on 0414661455.

Or if you’d like to support our work in other ways, you can here.

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