The cavalry are here!

Not fungi, Lacewing eggs!
Not fungi, Lacewing eggs!

I was removing the bottom leaves from recently planted Tomatoes as you do (this helps them to not pick up soil and mulch borne pathogens) when on one of the leaves, I just glimpsed the 3 little mushroom looking things in the pictures.

Straight away I knew what they are – Lacewing eggs! Lacewings lay their eggs on stalks, in clusters so I’ve  probably  knocked a couple off of the leaf. It was hard to see because Lacewings seem to like laying their eggs on the underside of things.  I replaced the leaf so that it is kind of in the same position that it came from so that, hopefully, the eggs will hatch.

With a better background...
With a better background…

I don’t know what kind of Lacewing these are, my critter ID skills haven’t got that good yet but which ever kind they are, they’re very welcome! Lacewing larvae are vicious, voracious, hungry, hungry predators of Aphids, Whitefly and their ilk, which I’m just seeing arrive on the Tomatoes.

A hungry little Lacewing larva
A hungry little Lacewing larva.
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