Abundance in Your Summer Garden – public workshop

Great news! Gawler Environment Centre, the Food Forest and Ligaya Garden are teaming up for a workshop!

The legendary Graham Brookman and yours truly will be sharing what we know about making a garden productive in Summer (or at least getting it through alive). I’ll be focusing on the smaller end with tips on small to medium sized gardens and Graham will be sharing some of his permaculture wisdom and looking at larger scale blocks.

We’re calling it ‘Abundance in Your Summer Garden – public workshop. An interactive and informative workshop for small-to-medium-scale growers’.  It all sounds pretty cool.

The workshop will be held on Thursday Nov 4 at 7pm at the Food Forest which is at 80 Clifford Road Hillier (only a few minutes outside of Gawler). Ticket prices start at $10. A bargain!

As our climate gets hotter and drier we need to start getting clever to ensure we can still enjoy productive gardens all year round. As recently seen on Gardening Australia, Malcolm and his family have achieved a lot of abundance on a very small block and he will share some of his best tips and tricks for getting your small garden ready for the summer onslaught. Graham and Annemarie Brookman have been creating abundance on their 15 hectare permaculture property for nearly 40 years now, and Graham will share his heat proofing insights including use of organic fertilsers, mulch, shade, irrigation and water quality, microclimates, ponds, crop varieties and more both in theory and demonstration on a garden/orchard walk.

Gawler Environment Centre
Grab your tickets here https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/abundance-in-your-summer-garden-tickets-194111281067
Grab your tickets!

Where is it?

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