In the Bunyip!

Page 14 - the whole thing!
Page 14 – the whole thing!

It’s a big week for us at Ligaya Garden. The local newspaper, The Bunyip has published a full page about us! How’s that?!

It’s actually two articles, the first is about this weekend’s foraging trip ‘Food Underfoot ‘ which is part of the Nature Festival program .

The second is a little about our garden and focuses on the upcoming segment on Gardening Australia. That’s on Friday October 1 at 7.30 on the ABC. It’s repeated at 1.30 on the following Sunday.

I know that Gardening Australia is a national thing, going out to (probably) millions but it’s the local stuff that gets me excited. That goes out to folks who we know, who we see in the streets and shops but who may not be aware of exactly what we do here. The more local Community connections we make, the better in the long run because we can be encouraging local folks to make positive changes and that will definitely increase our Community‚Äôs resilience as times get tougher. It benefits everybody.

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