The Thursday Post on Thursday!

It’s not often that I get the right post on the right day – that’s no surprise to folks that know me in person. My relationship with time has always been an uneasy one – we don’t seem to have a lot of regard for each other!

So here’s the Thursday Post, on a Thursday for a change!

This is a sad post for a change, too. After a glorious weekend away and a good night’s sleep, I went out to check the aquaponics and discovered an absolute disaster!

Lots of dead fish were floating under the Styrofoam sheets of the floating beds! Some had been dead for a few days and some, freshly dead.

The first haul of bodies...
The first haul of bodies…

I checked the pumps and they were working. The water was a touch acidic, which is unusual after dead fish have been in the system, it usually tends toward alkalinity.

In the cold weather either the water doesn’t hold as much oxygen or the fish are less able to extract it. I’m not sure which way around it goes. Either way, the system needs more circulation and oxygenation.

I’ve given it a couple of days of thought and have worked out a better way of doing things so that there is far more circulation and oxygenation. I’ll also be reducing the size of the big tank so that the temperature will fluctuate more with external conditions and give future fish a greater range of temperatures in the water to help them find their sweet spot.

This means that the system will be more space and energy efficient but its sad that the changes came at such a high cost.

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