Hills foraging with Anne

Anne knows where the Mexican Hawthorns are.
Anne knows where the Mexican Hawthorns are.

Last Friday, our friend Anne took me into the Adelaide Hills to forage from her new favourite trees – Mexican Hawthorns.

Anne is a local Herbalist and loves foraging. It was my first try of Mexican Hawthorn berries and I’m a convert! They are just like little Apples in shape and taste. I’m drying the bucket load that I picked, as Anne’s discovered that drying enhances the Apple flavour.

Mexican Hawthorns
Mexican Hawthorns.
Mistletoe berries
Mistletoe berries.

In return, I introduced Anne to the joys of sticky Mistletoe berries and the super acidity of Kei Apples. This fruit is so acidic that to pickle them, you don’t need vinegar, you only need to add water!

As we travelled, we found a beautiful roadside patch of red, regular Hawthorns as a bonus. Being just a kitchen herbalist, I don’t use Hawthorns, preferring to leave heart conditions to he locals. but there are so many trees around, I’ll do a brief page on what I know about them in our Wild Foods and Medicines section.

Yours truly at the Mexican Hawthorn tree.
Your’s truly at the Mexican Hawthorn tree.
Hawthorn berries
Hawthorn berries.
Kei Apples
Kei Apples.
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