A new manifold for the venturi and low pressure sprinklers.

Because I’m running both the venturi fertilizer and sprinklers on a low pressure dripper system there’s not enough pressure to have both working at the same time. I want to keep the pressure as low as I can s that, in a pinch, I can use the tank water without a pump.

I had to put in a pair of inline valves so that we can choose between either. I’ll probably run the venturi first, then the sprinklers so that they can spread around the fertilizer that’s remaining in the pipes. in the system.

The new taps make the manifold.
The new taps allow switching the venturi on or off

I added a much bigger (11 litre) fertilizer tank too. I just have to scrounge up a tap for the venturi to slow down the rate of application , then I’m done!

Of course, I could have just turned off the ball valve under the sprinkler, but where’s the fun in that?

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