Repair cafe success

This morning was Gawler’s repair cafe. A place where folks could go and get household appliances and items repaired by volunteers at the Gawler Environment Centre on High Street.

The repair team

We had a successful morning, repairing a table, vacuum cleaner, chair and typewriter, lamp, electric blanket, toaster and coffee machine. Another vacuum cleaner was also looked at but it was decided that we wouldn’t repair it because it was a bit beyond our pay grade.

It was nice that the cafe part of the event was well catered for with tasty cakes and strong coffee – just the fuel that busy repairers need!

There were also some folks from the Scouts who were there to repair bicycles but they didn’t get a work out.

We’d like to thank the Gawler Mitre 10 store for donating some needed nuts and bolts. Thanks Alan! We had a couple 9f local luminaries come along, including our Mayor, Karen Redman and local MP and friend, Tony Piccolo.

The repair cafe is run by volunteers under the auspices of the Gawler Environment Centre. It’s a free service and will be repeated in November.

One happy customer!
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