A forgotten bin

I forgot this Bokashi bin and it’s been brewing for about 3 months. I was expecting a smelly, slimy mess but it was no different to the usual, slightly fermented Bokashi smell.

This mix is by no means, foul smelling, there is no green mold. Even this morning (after applying the liquid to the garden yesterday afternoon) there is no smell.

With the usual Bokashi cycle, you don’t need dolomite. I’ve added it in this case because the mix is more acidic than usual. Dolomite sweetens the mix (that’s gardening talk for ‘raises the pH’ ).

It also has the bonus of adding some more minerals to the worms’ diet and some fine grit to help them digest food.

Here’s the IGTV post I made about it (don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ligayagarden

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