Closing the temporary community garden

We’ll be closing the Temporary Community Garden next week. It was a temporary thing after all, aimed at raising attention to the need for a Community Garden here in Gawler.

But, besides a few Facebook likes and a complaint, there’s been no activity since it was built and planted.

We’ll try and return the donations in kind and reuse the frame of the bed. The area will be planted with a patch of Dianella revoluta and the verge is still open for folks to harvest from the food and medicinal plants that are there.

6 Replies to “Closing the temporary community garden”

  1. Such a shame. Some areas seem to have just enough people to create a community that comes together, while others don’t.

    An example I’ve noticed in my own life is through an app called Nextdoor, which is supposed to help neighbours talk to each other (and build community). In my immediate area, almost no one ever takes part, whereas there are other areas where there is considerably more activity (online).


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