Call for Creative Writing Submissions

My friend, Carolyn Cordon, has an exciting writing project underway. She’s asking for submissions for an anthology of writings on the current craziness. It’ll be called ‘Plague Invasion’ and is open to writers and poets of the best sorts.

Carolyn Cordon - Writer

I am a poet and writer, but I am also an editor too. Obviously, if poets and writers are going to present their best work/words, they will need to edit their work, before they ever show it to other people, whether friends, family, or writing buddies. And they will have to do an even more intense job of editing their work before they present it to a publisher, if they want to make the grade, and get their work published.

I have done these things, and have been published, and still receive royalties for my work, many years after publication … So with all of my experience with books, and also as the Editor of the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle, a monthly newsletter that is distributed in Mallala and beyond, as well as being available at the Facebook page. This newsletter has been going for fifteen years, and I…

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