A Lizard in the garden

I was pretty stoked for this to be the first thing I noticed when I came home today.

For those non-Aussies reading this, it’s a juvenile Bluetongue lizard. And yes, their oversized tongues really are blue. They poke them out to scare off attackers. Bluetongues can get to almost the size of a Volkswagon Beetle and having one here will mean that we need to buy whole sheep carcasses. The expense will be high but the benefits will be great.

Actually, they grow about a foot long and eat bugs 😂

This sighting is great news for many reasons. First, it means that an adult couple have been living and breeding near to our garden (Bluetongue are territorial).

Second, if it stays, it means that a lot of our slug and snail troubles are over as Bluetongue just love those gooey guys.

Third, the Bluetongue’s presence represents a peak in our ecosystem diversity. I’ve been looking out for lizards over the last couple of years. We’ve had a couple of Gekos and Skinks around the place but now we’re moving into dinosaur territory.

If a large predator like this stays, it means that there are plenty of insects for it to prey on. Even though Bluetongue’s love snails and slugs, they’ll eat a lot of other insects that are considered a pest.

If this one stays around and finds a mate, we’ll all be in heaven as it means that we’ve established a thriving ecosystem!

I’ve decided to call this one Bernie. That’s a gender neutral name as I don’t know how to sex lizards. It also represents one of our last hopes in the US Presidential race, Bernie Sanders. I know we’re not America, but at this stage the stakes are high and their choice for the next President could either seal our fate or open many doors to the future.

Now, off to entice Bernie to stay with some juicy, fat worms.

5 Comments on “A Lizard in the garden

  1. Congratulations! I’d be thrilled to find one at my place too.
    Do you also have Giant Dropbears?


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