Joe’s Connected Garden Open Day

The big, yearly event is on this weekend, the 15th and 16th of February.

Come along and check out this amazing, long term project in community, and sustainability and there are the plants…so many plants!

We’ve been friends with Joe and Rosanne since before Ligaya Garden was formed. They’re great people with a clear vision of what can be achieved in a suburban setting and they’re achieving it in an area of the northern suburbs that is, shall we say, ‘challenged’.

I’ll be there on Saturday at 11.15 and will take our usual wander through the weeds while I share information on which are medicinal, edible and just plain useful.

In the big cleanup before the Open Garden, the zealous volunteers leave a few weeds around for us to talk about. You can be assured of an informative and possibly fun time.

Here’s the timetable – there are a lot of great talks from gardening personalities and experts…

There’ll be stalls too, from locals and environmental and social interest groups and plant sales. They grow lots of unusual plants and herbs but they’re specialty is figs – anything you need to know about figs, you can find out there!

Come along!

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