Beating the birds

Jelina and Athena are happy! We’ve got some plums this year!

They’re Satsuma plums and are supposed to be red but we’ve found that as soon as they turn from green to orange, they’re sweet enough. We leave them for a few days in the kitchen to get even more juicy. It’s how we beat the birds to them.

Even though they’ve wreaked the usual havoc on our fruit and Almond trees, the birds haven’t found a way into the kitchen. Yet.

There’s some small Capsicum there too. The plants are 3 years old now, so are only producing small fruit (the fruit gets smaller as the plant gets older). We’ll replace them this year but are taking out that wicking bed to free up some entertaining and teaching space in the garden.

The chooks have been enjoying the leftover fruit after the birds have taken one or two bites and dropped them to the floor. Chooks get the rest.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the birds stayed around and finished the whole fruit but they take a nibble and move on.

One Comment on “Beating the birds

  1. I’ve noticed that about birds – they take a bite out of a strawberry and leave the rest…. That said they stop eating them after the first few fruit ripen, so I wonder why.

    Anyway, hopefully your birds won’t find their way into the kitchen.


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