Last week in Ligaya Garden #8 and #9

So much is happening, both here and outhere in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catchup every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time.

All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience.

I know, I didn’t write an update last week… My mind’s been all over the place and so much has been going in that I simply forgot! The days have just been a flow…

So, what’s been happening?

I’ve been learning as much as I can about Linux. I’m itching to go open source and get away from the constraints (restraints?) of Windows 10.

There’s been lots of fantastic talk with the local Extinction Rebellion group (unit? chapter?). It’s really worth getting involved or starting your own group.

On a similar topic, I digressed a little from the theme of the ‘fragments and weirding’ series in part 3 to write about my views on the media identities who are attacking Greta Thunburg and her work. I hope that it’s an interesting read.

I held the second and third of my informal coffee shop get together a to discut the climate emergency and general weirding and our personal responses to it. Turnouts haven’t been great (0 and 1 espectively for each). At least I get free coffee.

Food Underfoot 2019
The crowd at Food Underfoot 2019

Food Underfoot 2019 was a raging success yesterday, 3 people attended and we had a little over two hours of wandering, talk and questions about wild foods and medicines. It’s always a great event. Low numbers but that allows attendees a much deeper and closer connection to the plants.

Our friend Tom from Transition Gawler allowed me to use some of his spare cabling, connectors and tools to complete little 12V solar system and upgrade all the wiring. On his advice, I’ve got to shift a couple of brackets to increase the efficiency of the panels. That’ll be later this week.

Watering is back to a regular routine. We’ve had a couple of hot Spring days with temps over 30°C and hot, Northerly winds.

Currently, I’m making sure all the drippers in the irrigation system are clean and working as well as checking they are all in the right places to suit the new planting layout. We can also run water from the back tanks straight to the drippers now, giving access to 5000L of water.

I’ve made some modifications to the plumbing from one if the rain tanks so that we can water under pump pressure instead of just gravity. There’s a new outlet in by the aquaponics that will allow us to water the back yard with pressure too.

Lots of new shelving has been installed in the shed so that the chaos in there is finding a more organized state of existence. I have a new work area on the northern end of the house and all the outdoor and gardening stuff has been shifted there.

We’ve been having a purge of our book collection. 3 folks with multiple degrees collect a lot of books and paper over the course of their studies. That needed a really good prune.

As for posts, Ligaya Gardening Tips #10 and 11 were posted.

#10 Micro climates

#11 Let them flower

Helping hands around Gawler #3 Ucare made it to the blog as did details of one of our watering devices

Slow waterer
Slow waterer
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