Last week in Ligaya Garden #7

So much is happening, both here and outhere in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catchup every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time.

All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience.

Food Underfoot 2019

This week was pretty slow from the point of view of blogging. I’ve been a bit crook here and there and have had to take lots of down time.

I did spend some of that time going over the info for Food Underfoot 2019 though. Just checking I remember it all correctly and adding a new few facts that I’ve learned about some of the plants over the last year.

The big news of the week was the climate change protest march on Friday. It was part of the whole school strike thing but its taken on a bigger life.

Apparently 20, 000 people gathered in Victoria Square in the city and marched down the usual route – straight down King William St and onto North Terrace, where we all gathered in front of Parliament House for a chant and a cheer and to hear choice words spoken in protest of the gubberment’s inaction on climate issues.

Climate protest

Climate protest

Climate protest

I say ‘usual route’ because every protest march in Adelaide takes the same route from gathering to polite dispersal. It’s all pretty much business as usual for city workers, police and politicians, as there is always plenty of warning, and the path is easily controllable.

Imagine if 100 people or so decided to turn left into Hindley St or right into Grenfell St. Then we’d make some progress! Hmmm…next time…

20,000 people in Adelaide of 300,000 who protested Australia wide to a gubberment represented by a PM who is in the US and even while there, refuses to attend the UN climate Emergency Summit being held there.

Anyway, I still reckon that growing your own food is the most political act that one can make nowadays. It’s still nice to get with a crowd of other people and march though. Very empowering.

On a much more mundane note, a bit of maintenance and home improvement work was done around the place as my energy permitted. The wall planters that the folks at Joe’s Connected Gardens gave to us earlier in the year made their way onto the walls at the front of the house. These are much deeper than the others and have a self watering system, so should be much more successful. The only thing we could grow in the old ones was Aloe Vera.

Rain fell heavily over a couple of days, giving us 20mm or so (the digital gauge gave up the ghost in surprise). I followed up after the first day of rain with a little sprinkler watering to really get the subsoil soaked before the heat gets here.

It’s raining here again as I type this. Will it ever stop? I hope not, at least for a few more days.

It was a week that was a bit light on posts but our regular series of gardening tips reached #9, with an article on the joys of perennials. Ligaya Gardening Tips #9 Perennials

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