Last week in Ligaya Garden #1

So much is happening, both here and out in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catchup every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time.

All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience.

Last week in Ligaya Garden

Last week was mainly about research, lots and lots of reading and writing on deep adaptation. Those of you who follow our Facebook page will have seen many questions on there as I try to gauge the reaction of people to the possibility of our own extinction.

  • I’ve been doing even more reading and research into the wonderful world of insect rearing and entomophagy. I’m sure that this is the key to feeding lots of folks in good time.

  • I stared a weekly series of gardening tips called Ligaya Gardening Tips once tips are posted, they can be found on the Ligaya Gardening Tips page where we’ll list the links to each edition of the blog posts( which will be posted every week, mostly on Thursdays, Oz time).

These tips will be in line with our slightly offbeat gardening philosophy and hopefully, will save you lots of time, worry and effort.

The first post is about our experiments with bait plants. These are plants that you allow pests to invade and take over so that you can then throw the plant and pests into the chooks for them to enjoy. That post is here.

As a bonus, because it is the first week of the gardening tips, I posted a double header, with two posts instead of one, just to get things kicked off. The second post is about using annual grasses.

  • This week also saw the start of my research into local sources of free food for those folks who are doing it tough. One of our friends who is in that situation is taking me to the places that share free food. There’ll be a post about that next week that should set the minds of readers from Gawler at rest. They never need to run out of food at least.
  • Jelina continues to battle it out with the University as she gets so close to finishing her PhD

  • Marlon is working on our blog and overall blog design as well as some handouts for workshops. Soon, hell be working on the layout and visual editing of our upcoming book.

In all that, I had two days of downtime due to my ongoing, chronic illness. That always slows things down a lot.

I just don’t understand how folks can say they’re bored!

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