Lotsa baby snails…

Snail eggs
Snail eggs galore!

Looks like the aquatic snails have been having fun.

Lots of eggs under the Styrofoam harvesting floats is a good sign. I’m breeding them in otherwise unused tubs so that they can give the chooks a little extra meat and calcium. Maybe I can flog a few off too when I have enough.

I got the snails for free along with a gift of pond plants and mistakenly allowed them into the aquaponics system. Now, when I see one, I pluck it out and put it in a bucket of pond weed.

I’ve accidentally found that they enjoy sitting under Styrofoam that is floating on the water’s surface. They seem to enjoy that little secluded space to have a little gastropod fun and then lay their eggs.

The end result is that I have a couple of buckets with egg laying snails that are multiplying pretty quickly.

That can’t be a bad thing, getting another form of life into an unexplored niche in an unused space, can it?

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