A tale of roadside lust…

Can you feel the love in this picture? The couple in the photo were just ‘getting it on’ regardless of the hundreds of passers-by.

I often say that ‘gardening is all about sex’. That’s not just true about gardening but the whole of nature and this couple definitely agree!

What am I talking about? Not the nude frolickers you may have been looking for but the two Sheoaks by the roadsides.

As you look at the picture, the tree on the right of the road, with the orange colouration, is the boy and the darker tree on the left of the road is the girl.

Both are in full flower and pollinating like crazy! I couldn’t capture the puffs of pollen that the boy was sharing with his lover but if you were there, closer, you could see them.

Sheoak male flowers
The amorous male’s display
Male Sheoak flowers in close up
The male Sheoak flowers in close up
Female Sheoak flowers
The female Sheoak’s flowers
Last year's cones
We can tell they’ve been ‘involved’ before… This is one of last year’s cones
Young sheoak cones
This year’s offspring are coming along already.

We can tell that they’ve been together before, the roadside was littered with old cones and many were still on the branches of the lucky lady.

We know that they were successful this year because of the number of young cones being borne.

There’ll be a couple less this year though, I snipped off half a dozen young, green, cones to make a cup of tea. It is a little tart but quite refreshing.

Maybe it’s just what you need after a day’s arboreal lovemaking…

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