Worm breeding and aquaponics combined

Vermiponics aquaponics

I’ve been wanting to add a worm farm to the aquaponics for a while so that we can get a constant drip of that wormy goodness into the water but we only just had enough scraps for the 2 farms we already had.

On the weekend, at the mushroom workshop at Slapes Mushroom House, I saw that Wayne had successfully ntegrsted them into his fishless system. There’s a post on the mushroom workshop to come later.

Our friend Annie gave me the idea of a separate breeding box to boost the worm numbers and today I had an epiphany… Why not add the breeding box to the aquaponics system. Then when the numbers have boosted, we can use it as a regular farm.

I bought this small farm a while back and hadn’t used it. We were thinking of giving it away but now it has a use… Lots of little worms being bred up and lots of nutritious soup dripping from the pipe into the sump.

Having it go into the sump gives a little time for the mix to disperse into the aquaponics water, preventing any possible shock to the fish and buffering any possible changes in pH.

This position also means there’s less distance between the worm farms and fish. That’s a great thing if you know how lazy I am…

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