Where’s the  ‘How to’s’? 

I’ve been spending a lot of the hot weather redoing some of the blog – new theme, upgraded plan, all that good stuff.

While I’ve been at it, I’ve been checking out lots and lots of other people’s blogs. 

I’ve noticed that there are soooo many ‘How to…’ posts and videos out there. When I looked at our blog and saw that we have heaps of content showing what we’re doing, but not much on how to do it.

A lot of that is because we like to inspire folks to do stuff simply and cheaply but not lecture and carry on about it. 

We’ll change that this year (not the lecturing and carrying on) and start posting videos and instructions on how we’ve done many of the things that interest you at Ligaya Garden. 

From those suggestions, we will build irregular workshops and open days for everyone. Maybe we’ll even get a few guest experts in to help us out with the bits we don’t know. 

We’ve done a lot and it’s hard to know where to start? So we’re asking you, our friends out there…
We’d like to take this time to ask you, our readers, what you would like us to share? What is it that we’ve done that you would like to know more about (a little ‘behind the scenes’ if you will)? 

Let us know… Facebook, email, Twitter, knock on the door or pull us over in the street…its all good! 


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