Today’s little harvest

Hungarian Wax Capsicum

Not every day brings bucketful of veggies. Plants need time to rest, I suppose that making fruit is quite tiring.

Sometimes a small harvest is because wev’ve already picked the best and brightest the garden has to offer however, there’s always something around.

The capsicums in the pic are Hungarian Yellow Wax and are our favourites. Luckily there’s about another 10 on the bushes.

We planted the current bushes ultra densely, the are 4 in the space that one would usually plant a single plant.

It seems to work… No pest problems, lots of fruit and the ground around them is always in shade.

We’re becoming quite good at overplanting, most gardeners would say that there’s far too much in there. We just smile and keep on eating our garden bounty.

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

4 thoughts on “Today’s little harvest

  1. The amazing thing I’ve seen about aquaponics is that it’s agriculture on a whole new level. All the old rules about planting doesn’t work in this system and one can achieve waaay more for less square feet.

    4 plants in a space for 1 and still the plants are producing bountiful. Wow!

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    • It’s true, various techniques can yield much higher than regular production. We have the understanding, and knowhow to ensure that no one goes hungry. It’s simply a matter of undermining political will and doing it ourselves


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