Mealworm Madness almost summer update

I haven’t posted anything about the mealworms of late, they’ve been pretty slow with the cold weather.

Today’s cleanup showed lots of pupae. The larvae have decided to grow up and have entered into the intermediate stage between childhood and adulthood.

Lots of pupae
Lots of mealworm pupae
Dead beetles, the end of the cycle
Dead beetles still have a use in the garden.

Along the same lines, lots of beetles have completed their life cycles and have moved on to wherever all good beetles go when they die.

They had a good life – living in their food and participating in prodigious amounts of reproduction.

Their exoskeletons will be crushed and mixed with the frass collected in the bottom of their towers. They’ll make their way back into the garden to stimulate plants to protect their selves.

Another cycle completed.


Check out the history and progress of our mealworms

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