The new workspace is coming along nicely…

3 1/2 metre workbench
3 1/2 metre workbench, custom made to Jelina’s height
The workspace will be covered pretty soon
Shade is coming for the workspace

Marlon and I have been pretty busy building lately.

We’re offering workshops along the general theme of resilience, sustainability and creativity at Ligaya Garden pretty soon. So we took down the old shed and converted the space into an outdoor (but covered) workshop area with a solid concrete floor, excellent natural lighting and drainage.

Jelina will be offering workshops in Felting, Eco-dyeing and cooking. I’ll be giving gardening workshops, Bokashi and Herbal Remedy making too. Then there’ll be 12V DC electronics at home, aquaponics and general sustainability and one on energy saving gardening, plus anything else that folks request.

We’ll be making the place available for others to run their events too.

Progress has been a little slow, paced around the weather, our health and of course the availability of resources (namely the almighty $$$). However, it has gone ahead steadily and is just waiting on some more shelves and a covering of shade cloth before we start inviting folks around.

Of course, we’ll post the workshops here, on Eventbrite and the usual social media culprits, so keep an eye out. There may be something that interests you!

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