New additions to the garden

Had a couple of nice surprises today.

I went with our friend Annie to recreate at Mt. Pleasant. recreate is an amazing place where artists reuse, recycle and repurpose all kinds of stuff into useful, inspirational or just quirky art

They also have a very interesting range of plants for sale, with local herbalists Margaret Connington and Bev Lane being contributors to the collection.

Another surprise there was catching up with Steve Oatway…well known sculptor of metal and junk. Haven’t seen him for a while.

Saggitaria and Water Chestnuts
Saggitaria and Water Chestnuts

I found Saggitaria (commonly known as arrowhead, duck potato or katniss) of which I bought 3 pots full of tubers and Water Chestnut…an old favourite.

Oca tubers
Oca tubers

When I got home, I found my eBay order for Oca (New Zealand Yam) had arrived, with 15 tubers to get us started.

These are going into our ‘under-understorey’ of perennial roots and tubers.

We tried to grow them a few years back, twice in fact. Both times our dogs, Charlie and Bronson (who have since passed on) dug them up and ate them.

Our mate Steve Oatway
Our mate Steve Oatway

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