Freezing veggies for the worms

Our friend, Annie, who breeds composting worms gave me a great tip a while back. It’s one I’ve been following and it works a treat.

The tip is to freeze the vegetable scraps that are going to be fed to your worms. Then thaw them before feeding them.

Freezing causes the water in the cells of the scraps to expand, making them burst. This means, that they break down much faster in the worm farm and are accessible to the worms earlier.

I took Annie’s suggestion a step further. I put the scraps in a (reused of course) plastic bag and bash the frozen chunks with a mallett before thawing them and adding them to the worm farm. That breaks them up good. Some folks put their scraps for their worms in a blender, but that takes energy. Out freezer is always on anyway and its not hard to find a little space to chill the scraps.

I suppose that, in Summer, I can leave them frozen when adding them to the farm so that they will help keep the critters cool.

Last Summer, I did that for the chooks and they were very very happy about their ‘vegicicles’ so I think the worms will be too.

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