Mycelia madness

I’ve added the fungal spawn I got at Jess’s Intermediate Mushroom Growing workshop to coffee grounds from my favourite cafe. There are Elm and Yellow Oyster mushroom spawn and I found a bag of inoculated grain for White Button Mushrooms that was several years old.

The jars and grounds in the microwave for a good 15 minutes to ensure no opposition from other, unseen, competitors. 15 minutes was just a guess, but seemed more than enough. The jars were closed with tight fitting, plastic, lids to stop critters getting in and give the fungi a head start.

Then they were left for 5 days in a cool, dark, part of the laundry until the white fuzz of the mycelia could be seen in every jar, ensuring colonization. This ensured there was no transplant shock either.

Mycelia growing fuzzily well

I removed the plastic lids and replaced them with cheesecloth held on by rubber bands and moved them into the temporary greenhouse whyere it is warmer and humid.


Wish them luck!

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