Garening for Ligaya: Part 1

Even though some folks (myself included) sometimes use the term ‘urban farm’ to describe our place, it’s not really that focused on production.

It’s mostly about systems that provide for our needs while freeing up our time and energy while going a little way toward adressing some of the issues around climate change and resource depletion.

Yes, there’s been a bit of work involved because we wanted to overhaul the whole block. Lots of lifting and carrying, but in all installments when free labour was available and my health permitted. Often the work was done in half hour increments with a couple of hours in between for a cup of tea and a lay down.

We do grow a lot of our own food, enough to share, in fact and realized early on that we couldn’t grow everything we wanted, but building and participating in an active and diverse gardening community has helped remedy that

I’m on a part pension, so have lots of time to experiment when my head’s working well. Time is probably our greatest resource.

You don’t need a Degree, a PDC or a Certificate in Horticulture to start growing your own food and making your own energy. You don’t need to attend workshops, buy books or watch tv shows (though you will probably want to do all of the above once the bug bites you).

Start small, clear a square foot of ground, and plant your favorite vegetable. Water it daily and enjoy watching it grow. When you’re happy with that, repeat the process. If the weather and the vermin are kind, you could be enjoying something in a couple of weeks.

Observe your space, plan as well as you can, but don’t over think it…unless that’s what you’re into!

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