We’re in the Edible Gardens project


The day before yesterday, we got an exciting email. Our application to participate in the Edible Gardens project was approved. This project looks at urban agriculture, more specifically, the amount of food production that comes from participating gardens and how much water was used to grow it.

Stage 2, where we’re at, includes giving details of garden areas to be measured once we get the kit that contains all we need to do the job.

It’s all very exciting, having a reason to measure things. You can follow our progress here.  Just click the link and scroll dowwwwn to ‘Ligaya’ where there is a pic of Jelina smiling (as usual). When we have data logged, you can see it by pressing the ‘view charts’ button next to the picture.

It looks like there are 7 participatings in the Gawler area. Heres a link to the map of participating gardens.

I don’t know how many more gardens they want to participate, but if you want to join in, complete the survey and give it a go!

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