The new chook palace

Over the last week, health and time permitting, I’ve deconstructed an old dog house that Athena donated and put it on stilts to make a new, luxurious, chook palace.

The girls now have more space in the run as the new house has a smaller footprint than the old and is off of the ground, allowing them to play underneath.

Jelina and Marlon spent a while convincing the girls that the change was a good thing.

The old house had a single nesting box and nowhere to roost. Those problems are gone with the new design.

Luxurious nesting boxes and a roost.

Some changes were made with us people in mind, the roof hinges back to give us access to the whole thing to make cleaning much easier. The height is designed around Jelina’s reach, so she doesn’t need to strain her back.

Mercy seems to like the place, but it was Pappy who laid the first egg.
Yurei isn’t so sure about the climb down.
They all love the new sheltered space under the house.

We’ve had one egg laid already, so I think we’re all on a winner!

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