Everyone needs a few bucks, and we are no exception.

As much as we enjoy giving, swapping and trading, some things need cold, hard cash, especially when dealing with Caeser. Ironically, getting started in sustainability can be expensive.

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to make a modest income from our posts and such, without going as far as including advertising on our site and pages or asking for money. Today, I decided on Patreon, as we can give folks great value experience and information via posts, ebooks and videos. The best part is that its all up to others, we dont have to ask any specific amounts.

Any money gained from patronage is guaranteed to go straight to buying stuff force projects that will be chronicled here on this blog. Patrons will, of course, get a little more…

I hope it works!

Here’s the link, almost forgot!

Ligaya on Patreon

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

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