Ready for Winter

Well…much more ready than in past years.

There's people in there!
There’s people in there!

Summer’s truly over now, here in the south of Oz. The joy of fighting through a jungle of cool, green growth will be replaced with trying to avoid the same growth, turned icy and wet.

So, we’ve cleared away a lot of stuff that was starting to die back or had finished producing, hacked back a few of the lab lab beans that had abducted visitors in the past and put in a few wicking beds while we had some cash.

We can see the road now
We can see the road now and the road can see us.

For the first time in a year we can see from one end of the garden to the other, we can even see the road outside. Forgot that was there.

The chooks have been helping, diving onto any newly cleared space and eating all the critters that we’ve unearthed. Mercy takes it a step further and includes garden beds in her definition of ‘clear space’. The other two aren’t so pushy.

I’m wondering how the soursobs will do this year. They’ve had a year buried deep under mulch, cardboard and weed may and now they have the attention of the chooks. 

New wicking beds
New beds but nowhere to sleep!

Seven wicking beds are now installed. It cost a bit to get them all done in a hurry, but they should offset the cost with water savings, pest and weed control and convenience. One of the reasons we put them in is to save Jelina from bending when she’s harvesting plants. 

Whether the saved aches and pains will offset the aches and pains gained while building the remains to be seen.

Ready for winter planting!

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