4 magic squares

The demise of the big wicking bed has left me with enough material to make 4 square beds of about 1m a side.

I’m interested in getting a perpetual rotation going using the four beds. I’ve rarely set aside specific areas for specific veggies, but as we’re looking to producing quality surplus this year, I need to take a different approach to my usual ‘lets see what happens if we stick this here’ approach. So far I’ve done OK, but we haven’t moved into the realm of giving away surplus.

As the beds are about 1 square metre each, I’ve decided to follow Houbein’s ‘One Magic Square‘ approach, which is based on pretty intensive farming of square metre plots. Usually, I’m not into that level of control, but needs must.

I met Lolo Houbein at last year’s NRC Sustainable Living Expo in Gawler, where she signed my copy of her book before she did a presentation on her techniques. I couldn’t stay for the talk, but have been through the book very thoroughly.

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