Sunny days

A burst of sunny weather with temperatures between 35C and 47C on our front porch, following a few days of really torrential rain has seen the garden going crazy!

This sunflower is our pride and joy at the moment, not just for its beautiful flower, but for the fact that it’s 2.3 metres tall!

Jelina can’t come close to reaching it!

I stopped measuring this corn plant when it reached 2.5 metres!

People have been asking what varieties they are, but all I can tell them is that they are just generic stuff from Bunnings that I bought a couple of years ago and lost the packaging. It’s good that sunflower and corn seeds are pretty distinctive or I wouldn’t have known what I was planting.

Been asked what we did to get them so tall too…

With the corn, I always put down a good bucket or two of compost and cover it with soil and mulch. Then I leave it for a week or two before planting.

As for that crazy sunflower, I just don’t know.what I did. I had some seedlings and put them in spaces in the garden.

I guess we’re just blessed this year.

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