Be careful of your Goji plants

We were so happy a while back when we bought what we thought were two Goji berry plants. It was great to get these highly nutritious berries in our garden.

They grew strong and wild, I enjoyed their unkempt appearance but was disappointed when they yielded only a couple of tiny berries at a time.

It wasn’t until we visited Joe’s Connected Garden that I found that we had two impostors in our midst.

Joe’s Goji bushes were covered in the plump, orange berries that I was hoping for on mine. Next to his Goji bush was the twin to ours, rangy and wild looking and with no berries.

This was a Wolfberry bush. A poor, invasive cousin to the Goji and the one that was being sold by Bunnings as the real Goji.

The catch when buying these plants is that they’re so closely related. The Wolfberry is actually Lycium barbarum – slightly different from the Goji which is Lycium chinense. Lycium barbarum is what is sold by Bunnings as ‘Goji berry plant’…a little confusing to uninformed punters (as I was).

This is was what I expected (the pic is from the internet)…


This is what we got…


See a difference?

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