The joys of DIY sustainability projects



A friend swapped us a rainwater tank and a microwave for my ipad. I reckon this was an awesome deal, after all, what can you do with an ipad?

Lon and I decided to redo the drainage at one end of the house in order to take the overflow away more effectively. What was planned to be a shallow, 3’ trench turned horrible when we discovered that the previous owners used 90mm pipe that had been squashed into a flat oval, so we had a hell of a time attaching joiners and elbows. It was then revealed to us that the pipe sloped so that the water fell toward this end of the house instead toward the rest of the drainage and outlets.

So, a 1 day job turned into 3 days as we had to dig out much more than we expected, through solid summer soil, removing a big patch of recently laid pavers.

And then it rained…

And, of course we hadn’t finished connecting the pipes…

Aaah! The joy of owning a house.I would like to note that Lon is an awesome son and tolerates his dad’s projects with a patience that none foresaw. He’s also my carer and guides me well when we have jobs on the go. I have an on going illness that causes some big health issuse and I have little stamina either mental or physical and am frequently bed ridden after less than an hours work. I’d rather not be like this, but give credit to Lon for seeing me through the days.

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