Slings and arrows

Since putting together this blog, life has sent a few curve balls our way. Illness, a cold winter and the landlords deciding to sell the house have all taken their toll on time, energy and motivation. Both the blog an my online shop SellTheOld have been gathering cobwebs.

Fortunately, family, friends and even more outrageous events have brought us to the point where we can buy the house. We’ve rented here for 10 years and are happy to stay.

So, what are the positives that have come from this time of trial?

Our family are closer than ever.   Supporting each other through relative hardship always brings out the best  in folk. Add to that that we are soon to be property owners and a better picture begins to appear.

I have better picture of how I react under duress, an important step in learning to manage my long term illness. Mindfulness and meditation are now daily watchwords rather than buzzwords.

From the perspective of this blog and my search for sustainability, recent times have underlined the need for community and have reinforced my understanding of he lives of those  who are constantly at  risk from unforeseen circumstances. The need for a degree of shelter from ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ is stronger than ever.

I reacted to our challenges by downsizing my gardening efforts, giving away plants, pots and preserving gear. Minimizing in the light of a possible move seemed a wise move and motivation to create anything permanent  had definitely dried up. In realizing this, I looked beyond my yard and out into the community to see what was there to be shared, who was wise in these things and what resources were available to those  at risk.

During the last couple of months I also looked to social media for support and guidance, maintained my Tumblr and Instagram accounts and sought to re-post much positive stuff.

I also understand that our trials were relatively light, there are those in this world for whom illness is a daily grind, home ownership is beyond even a dream and the cruelty of government is a daily slap in the face.

We all live life the best we can.

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