Farewell to Green Waste

The green waste bin won’t be going out anymore. Between worms and efficient composting, there will be no need.

Now, what to do with the bin…so many ideas come to mind.

3 Comments on “Farewell to Green Waste

  1. Did you get any answers to your (rhetorical) question?

    I have a redundant food waste bin from my council. It current sits by the back door and it a handy height to be used as a table (eg I put tools on it, so I can open the door). I’ve used it as a wheelbarrow as well.


    • Hi Helen.
      Thanks for the message. I know it was a while back but the Akismet system only notified me of your reply a few days ago.

      Yours is the only suggestion so far. After much thought, I have decided that it will become a quail tractor. Kind of like a chicken tractor but smaller.
      I will be posting an instructional on how I will do it. At the moment we are waiting for the ex landlord to fence the block as we agreed before buying the house. There are lots of predators in the area.


      • I find that occasionally (with Akismet).

        Anyway, a quail tractor sounds like a good use.


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