Petty Spurge (Euphorbia peplus)

Petty Spurge is a delicate little plant

Common names: Petty Spurge, Radium Weed, Cancer Weed, Milk Weed

Taxonomic name: Euphorbia peplus

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Uses: skin cancers, liver spots, moles and skin tags

Area of origin: Everywhere except Southern Asia and the Americas

Warnings: Do not get the sap in your eyes! Yes, I put that in bold for a reason. Do not ingest and be careful where you apply the sap.

Petty Spurge (Euphorbia peplus) is a pretty little plant with a great talent.

It is one of the premiere remedies for skin cancers! The milky sap has compounds in it that interfere with and kill rapidly growing cells, making it excellent for treating melanomas. You can use it topically to remove unwanted moles and skin tags. Used carefully, it can remove these unsightly growths. Petty Spurge also works to lighten liver spots.

White sap is characteristics of petty spurge
The characteristics sap that holds all the medicinal qualities

Petty Spurge is so good at this, that it was called ‘Radium Weed’ here in Australia and ‘Cancer Weed’ elsewhere. It was called that because it is as good as the old cancer treatments that included radium.

Extra Warning:

Don’t take this one internally and keep the sap away from your eyes! The sap is very caustic. Do not apply it to mucous membranes of genitalia and don’t let it get on skin where it is not wanted.

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