Aloe Vera (Aloe vera)

Aloe Vera flowers

Common names: Aloe vera

Taxonomic name: Aloe vera

Family: Asphodelaceae

Related herbs: Cacti

Uses: Skin complaints, constipation

Area of origin: Arabian peninsula

Healing constituents: Aloin, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, salicyclic acid, anthraquinones, fatty acids

Warnings: If taken internally, Aloe vera may have interactions with prescribed drugs.

Aloe Vera is a very famous herb, but some folks aren’t aware of its full potential.

We all know of the soothing gel that can be found in the leaves. Aloe is well known for dry skin disorders, burns and cuts, but did you know it has other uses?

The gel’s soothing nature can be used to settle stomach problems, especially those caused by inflammation. It also feeds the gut biota and keeps them healthy. It can also help one lose weight by suppressing appetite.

Gel and yellow sap
Inside the leaf is a large amount of gel and a small amount of yellow sap.

Taken internally, Aloe vera is quite the potent laxative. It is the yellow latex that is found beneath the skin of a leaf is such a powerful laxative and can clean you out quite explosively, so take it very easy until a little experience using it. It can also purge you the other way – through making you vomit if you have more than a little.

If you your pipes are in need of an urgent, thorough, cleaning, there’s little better than a spoonful of Aloe!

Aloe is ready to harvest when the tips turn pink.
Aloe is ready to harvest when the tips turn pink.

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  1. You could also dehydrate the rind and the pulp. Once dehydrated, blend it and store it well and you can rehydrate it with water or if using it in smoothies just put one or more teaspoons into the smoothie and blend.


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