Milk kefir

My milk kefir grains into the second week. They are converting 600ml of milk every 2 days. I change the milk over every 2 days because I like the sour […]

Some good news

theplaidzebra: Solar-powered 3D Printers are giving near-instant disaster relief to underdeveloped communities By organizing a wide selection of printable items—including solar cookers, arm-braces, breast pumps, stethoscopes, waterwheels and irrigation sprinklers—nonprofits […]

Mushrooms do grow on coffee.

Mushrooms are easy to grow on recycled materials. Here I have white button mushrooms growing on coffee grounds that were scavenged from a local coffee shop. I spread some innoculated […]


Worms are an awesome and simple way to recycle household food scraps into valuable fertilizer and compost. These little fellows are working so hard converting ours that they are, literally, […]