Introducing Malcolm


Microbe wrangler, writer, experimenter.

The oldest and (some would say) least photogenic of the family who actually live on the block but still the driving force behind Ligaya Garden’s growth and development. 

A tinkerer and mad scientist at heart, Malcolm is always trying new things to make our place more efficient  and productive. 

He does have his limits though,  several long term health issues curtail some of his efforts some days and he is grateful to have Marlon around to sort him out. 

Lots of travel and many jobs, combined with a ceaseless love of learning and teaching inform Malcolm’s experimental approach. A background in computers gives him a technical, systems approach to design and gardening while lots of time working with people gives him the ability to easily communicate technical ideas to all kinds of folks. He is a herbalist at heart and so has a deep love of plants. 

A tendency to overdo things…

Malcolm is the writer behind this website and our Facebook and Instagram accounts. He holds local foraging walks and gardening workshops and has written articles for Grass Roots magazine, Australasian Poultry magazine and PIP magazine Currently, the whole family is working on three e-books to share all of the info on this website. 

Malcolm is a self taught herbalist and forager. He has a BASc (Hons) in Environmental Management, a Grad Cert in GISc and a Master’s in Internet Studies. He studied Natural Medicine overseas but has no formal Australian qualifications in this field beyond experience, observation and private research.

Malcolm also runs our little online vintage shop, Sell The Old.
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