Keeping your worms cool

Ice packs to keep worms cool.
Ice packs help a lot

The heat is here in Australia, so don’t forget your composting companions. Worms can suffer a lot in the heat and we need to take a little extra care of them.

Of course, the first thing to do is to make sure your worm farm is in the shade. Always leave the tap open to allow excess liquid to escape. Liquids can retain heat within the farm.

Saying that, its good to add some cool water every day, morning and evening. Not enough to flood the farm, just to help cool.

Ice packs are great for cooling a worm farm. Your worms will congregate around them. I’ve found that placing the ice packs in the middle of the farm works better than placing them on the uppermost layer.

Another thing is to leave the top open a couple of centimeters to allow hot air to escape.

Also, if you have a tower type worm farm, make sure that there is something in the bottom layer so that the worms can climb up should the tap become clogged and liquid accumulate. I’ve list a batch of worms that way. Their instinct is to dive down in the heat and they can become trapped in the built up liquid and drown.

Cleaning up a mass of drowned worms is not pleasant.

One other thing you can do is to cover the worm farm with a coarse fabric such as hessian or sack cloth. Keep dampening this throughout the day. Evaporation will cool the worm farm. That’s my next job.

Keep them happy and they will breed well in the warm weather and reward you with a little extra love on return.

Crack open the lid a little to let hot air out.
Keep the lid open a couple of centimeters