Tinctures by the Ratio Method

The Ratio method can help get your tinctures more consistent. There’s a few more steps than in the Folk method, but if you can bake bread, you can do this �<br>Step 1: Prepare your herbs<br>Step 2: Weigh the bowl you will be using. Set the scales to 0 however you do it on yours. We want to weigh the herb. Mine is a button that says ‘tare’.<br>Step 3: Weigh your herb.<br>Step 4: Measure the correct amount of alcohol ( I’ll explain the ratio later).<br>Step 5: Chop the herbs. I cut coarsely, then add to a blender.<br>Step 6: Add the alcohol and mix thoroughly ( the blender does well here).<br>Step 7: Pour the mix into your jar<br>Step 8: Label and put in a cool, dry place.<br>Step 9: Shake daily for a week or two.<br>Step 10: After 2 weeks to a month, strain and bottle.<br>There’s a couple of vague bits there, but this is just the general idea. I’ll post on details shortly.