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My first strawbale garden veggies.

The veggies in the straw bale garden are rocketing along. There’s even enough to share with the slugs! Pic 2 shows one of the benefits of using pea straw… free peas! Everything’s settled in after 2 -3 months, we have green veg leaves, kombucha,… Continue Reading “My first strawbale garden veggies.”


Worms are an awesome and simple way to recycle household food scraps into valuable fertilizer and compost. These little fellows are working so hard converting ours that they are, literally, fogging up my camera lens! I had an old farm that I dug out… Continue Reading “Worms.”

Farewell to Green Waste

The green waste bin won’t be going out anymore. Between worms and efficient composting, there will be no need. Now, what to do with the bin…so many ideas come to mind.

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