Building a mealworm palace

Mealworms Mealworms (Mealworm beetle, Tenebrio molitor, Darkling beetle.) are an easy to raise source of protein and nutrients to feed to people, chickens or lizards. They are easy to breed and raise and this breeder design helps make it even easier and tidier. This is a design that was shared with me by a friend a while back. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing similar designs with the only differences being the number of drawers which are either 3 or 4. We’ll even be making one ourselves soon. There’s little waste and hardly anything that can go off in this breeder. Everything besides the plastic can be either composted or put straight onto the garden or, even better, fed to chickens. Making it A semi-automatic Mealworm breeding and harvesting thingy can be easily made from a set of plastic drawers from a ‘cheap’ shop and following these instructions. Drill some ventilation holes on every side, near to the top

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